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Thank you for your interest in Chelmsford Hockey Club. You are invited to apply for membership by completing this form. Please ensure that all details are filled in where possible, as we are required by EHL, East and Essex rules to provide membership statistics by age group and sex.

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Our Hockey Club is primarily supported by volunteers, we greatly rely on Players and Parents/Guardians to help out in any way they can. Please indicate below whether you would be prepared to help out this season.


The table below represents the current Adult membership options at Chelmsford Hockey Club. Select the membership type you are applying for from the box beneath this table.

Category Paid by 30th September Paid by 31st October Penalty Rate Half Season
Adult £150 £160 £170 £100
19-24 and working £75 £80 £85 £50
Full time FE Student over 19 £100 £100 £110 £50
Associate (up to 6 games per season) £46 £50 £56 N/A
Associate (non-playing) £20 £20 £20 N/A
Social £10 £10 £10 N/A
Volunteer/Life Member N/A N/A N/A N/A


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If a club member has recommended you to CHC please enter their name here

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The options below are a legal requirement in our use of your data. Your consent for us to store your personal information is mandatory in becoming a member of Chelmsford Hockey Club. You will not be able to submit your membership form without it.

* Please tick this box to indicate that your are happy with us storing your information for the purposes of your membership with CHC.

As you have expressed an interest in Volunteering for the club you will need to confirm you agree to the club's Volunteer Policy (found here).

* Please tick this box to indicate that you have read and agree to the CHC Volunteer Policy.

Being added to our mailing list is, however, optional; this will not include communication from any third party, only newsletters from Chelmsford Hockey Club regarding our various hockey and social events held throughout the year.

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