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Thank you for your interest in Chelmsford Hockey Club. You are invited to apply for membership by completing this form. Please ensure that all details are filled in where possible, as we are required by EHL, East and Essex rules to provide membership statistics by age group and sex.

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Our Hockey Club is primarily supported by volunteers, and with more than half our membership made up of Juniors we greatly rely on Parents/Guardians to help out in any way they can. Please indicate below what you would be prepared to help with this season.


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  • I agree to my daughter/son taking part in the activities of the Chelmsford HC, and accept that Chelmsford HC will hold the above details on a secure database which will be held confidentially, used only for Chelmsford HC purposes and not passed to any third party.
  • I acknowledge that playing hockey carries a small risk of injury, and that the wearing of shin pads and a gum shield will minimise that risk whilst training and for matches. If my child does not wear them for any reason I will not hold Chelmsford HC responsible for any injury sustained as a result.
  • I confirm that to the best of my knowledge my daughter/son does not suffer from any medical condition other than those mentioned above, and that I will advise the club immediately of any change.
  • I consent to my daughter/son travelling by any form of public transport, mini-bus or by a motor vehicle (filled with BS approved seat belts) driven by a Chelmsford HC official or any other parent/guardian attending an event in which the Club is participating.
  • In the event that I as a parent/guardian am called upon to assist with transporting players other than my own I confirm that my vehicle will be covered by appropriate insurance and filled with seat belts that comply with the appropriate British Standard. I will ensure that seat belts are worn at all times.
  • I authorise the leader of the party or any Club official accompanying the party who may be present to consent to such medical treatment (including inoculations, blood transfusions or surgery) which in the opinion of a qualified medical practitioner may be necessary during any time when my daughter/son is with Chelmsford HC and away from direct parental control and discretion.
* Please tick this box to indicate that you consent to ALL of the above.

In Volunteering for the club you will need to confirm you have read and agree to the club's Volunteer Policy (found here).

* Please tick this box to indicate that you have read and agree to the CHC Volunteer Policy.

Please tick this box to indicate that you would be happy with photographic images of your son/daughter being taken and used for the club's promotional purposes e.g. via social media (optional)

Being added to our mailing list is optional; this will not include communication from any third party, only newsletters from Chelmsford Hockey Club regarding our various hockey and social events held throughout the year.

Please tick this box to indicate that you would like to be added to the CHC mailing list (optional)